AtClose LLC. Launches Integration with RynohLive

By Atclose -

September 3, 2013


AtClose LLC, a leading provider of integrated technology and services to the Appraisal, Title and Settlement companies, today announced that AtClose has completed a direct integration with RynohLive. With this integration, AtClose users can review escrow and other account activities, establish alert criteria and receive daily and monthly reports – directly and independently – identifying fraud and ensuring best practices are maintained by their insured.

National and Regional Title Insurance Underwriters representing in excess of a 90% market share have tested, evaluated, endorsed, and in many instances mandated the use of RynohLive in order to mitigate the staggering losses caused by agent defalcation and embezzlement. For Lenders, AtClose integration with RynohLive will validate the integrity of the financial transaction from origination to the disbursement of funds in accordance with the closing instructions.

“AtClose works in harmony with RynohLive and offer settlement agents the ability to manage their escrow trust accounts daily”, said Bill Welge, Principal at AtClose LLC. “RynohLive is a patented financial management and fraud prevention system that has revolutionized the settlement industry. The only fully automated escrow management system that ensures your settlement transactions are verified and absolutely secure”, said Glenn Stout, VP Marketing & Sales at RynohLive.

About AtClose LLC.

Pittsburgh, PA based AtClose LLC is a full service mortgage products and services company that delivers innovative solutions in the best-of-breed philosophy. AtClose offers title and settlement companies the solutions to improve profitability through removing inefficient business processes and technologies. The company’s customers include top tier title and vendor management companies. For more information, visit, email us at or call 609-409-1063 x1116.

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