AtClose offers the best integration framework

By Atclose -

May 15, 2013


AtClose offers the best integration framework in the market for lenders, vendors, accounting applications and banks
– High-level integration with RealEC
– Seamless, out-of-the-box integration with Auto HUD and Auto post close solutions offering new revenue streams for your business
– An integrated recording fee calculator offers a single-vendor solution

Out of the Box Integrations

How does the technology of AtClose work? Listed below are some partners that allow AtClose to operate efficiently beyond expectations.

  • ACI – – Appraisers, fee panel appraisers, and real estate brokers can easily upload their reports, have them validated by your rule sets, and sent to your customer in the format they want, i.e. PDF or XML
  • Certus Recording
  • Ernst Publishing – Provide accurate quotes and actual recording fees and mortgage tax information on every GFE and HUD
  • FedEx – Ship closing and recording packages directly through AtClose without the separate Ship PC
  • Indecomm/U.S.Recording – Record and track mortgage recordings
  • Intuit QuickBooks – Seamlessly migrate revenue and expense items directly into QuickBooks
  • Medallion Analytics – Closing instructions to HUD in one-click
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP – Seamlessly migrate revenue and expense items directly into Dynamics
  • RealEC – ready to integrate with one of the largest value-added networks in the mortgage lending industry
  • Rynoh Live
  • Simpifile – e-Recordings in over 700 counties
  • Softek
  • ValuTrust
  • UPS

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