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September 8, 2022


Escalating mortgage rates and changing dynamics of the refinancing era are bringing light to new possibilities in the title and mortgage industry. Fighting the tides, ALTA ONE will bring together over 1,000 global title leaders, professionals, and innovators under one roof to seek new horizons in the title insurance, abstracter, and settlement industry.  

The premier title industry event is scheduled to be held in person on October 11 – 15, 2022, at the Coronado in San Diego, CA, up and promises to inspire, engage, and explore all the crucial factors disrupting the title insurance and settlement landscape.  

The event will feature stimulating speakers, insightful discussions on underlying industry concerns, and networking opportunities, followed by a forum unveiling best practices for keeping up with regulatory changes and retention challenges while paving new ways to prepare for the new normal.

AtClose will be at ALTA ONE 2022

A comprehensive end-to-end title production solution

AtClose is a leading closing and title solutions provider designed to simplify workflows for title and escrow companies. The digital closing platform, packed with advanced technologies, eliminates the need to manually manage massive volumes of processes that substantially adds to the costs and inefficiencies—one of the major challenges title and escrow businesses face today. 

Created to provide a way out, AtClose streamlines all the title related workflows and touchpoints, especially when dealing with vendors. This enables seamless scalability and flexibility for businesses looking for efficient alternatives. This October, AtClose is participating at ALTA, where AtClose experts will showcase their capabilities of this feature-rich platform, uncovering new horizons to shape the industry’s future.  

Here’s a preview of the cutting-edge technologies built into the nation’s leading closing and title solution.

Cloud-based Platform

The title industry involves massive workflows that can be effectively streamlined with cloud-based technologies. With efficient closing processes, companies can save more time and cut costs while improving their customer experience at every touch point. AtClose is a scalable cloud-based solution that delivers just that. With end-to-end automation, flexibility, and faster deployment, AtClose enables excellent accessibility while reducing the cost of ownership.

Client-collaboration Portal

Transparency and continuous collaboration are cornerstones in title closing transactions. Title companies must embrace technologies allowing instant communication among buyers, sellers, agents, or attorneys to ensure files are closed right on schedule. AtClose encompasses a fully managed collaboration portal that allows instant communication between the key stakeholders through integration with core applications. It enables agents to get the desired information, documents, or reviews by simply assigning tasks. It also empowers agents to obtain eSign on impromptu documents when needed.

Coherent Integrated System

Title companies deal with a large volume of data streams that require a solution capable of receiving various data formats across systems. AtClose’s title production provides a robust integration framework that seamlessly connects with the partner ecosystem and other internal systems, enabling smooth data flow between multiple infrastructures.

Robust Vendor Management

The title closing transactions comprise an influx of paperwork and emails, adding to overheads. However, digital closing platforms, such as AtClose, enable title companies to eliminate all these extraneous tasks. By providing robust vendor tracking and reporting solution, AtClose allows title agents to digitally connect with vendors while keeping up with the underlying issues in fulfillment tracking, accounting, record keeping, etc.

Adaptive UI/UX Environment

When adapting digital solutions, title closing companies must provide user-friendly and fully compatible interfaces while supporting extensive workflows. AtClose offers a title production solution that embodies a robust UI/UX environment simplifying how agents process files across multiple browsers. This digital platform ensures all title and settlement components, from title production to post-closing, are catered to with complete efficiency.

Explore New Horizons with AtClose — See you at ALTA ONE 2022!

With iconic partners and 1,000+ title industry professionals, ALTA ONE brings the best networking opportunities for attendees to interact directly and learn from the decision-makers. AtClose is showcasing its Title Production solution and strategies at the event. Explore how we enable immersive experiences for buyers, sellers, and agents. You can schedule a meeting with our experts for a one-on-one discussion as we share insights on overcoming inefficiencies in the title and escrow industry.  

Meet AtClose experts at Booth B24. We’d love to have a friendly chat with you and answer your every query, during and after the event. 

Looking forward to connecting with you at ALTA 2022!

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