Ensuring Higher and Faster Technology Adoption with Advanced UI/UX Functionalities

March 8, 2022


Business leaders know that innovative technology is the key to keeping a competitive edge in their respective industries. When analyzing if any new tool is right for their operation, these leaders consistently rank user-friendly interfaces as a key factor in their considerations. And rightfully so! A workforce’s collective and individual user experience is the make-or-break factor for an organization’s total adoption of new tech. Simple yet comprehensive interfaces create positive experiences with confidence and satisfaction. But how does an organization deliver on that? “Simple yet comprehensive” is a lot more complicated than most imagine.

The Power of Feedback 

Most ideas are born out of necessity. An individual or a team gathers, locks the door, and focuses inward. They whiteboard, brainstorm, and go to market. What they lack however is feedback, experience, and user input. The Power of Feedback is invaluable, and AtClose knows it. That’s why over the past several years we’ve been interacting closely with our customers, intently listening, and embracing the feedback that has come from them. We’ve sought to understand what customers need, how they think and why they act the way they do. These insights have enabled us to stay at the forefront of technology when it comes to next-generation digital mortgage, title and escrow solutions. With our customers as the focus, we’ve upgraded our UI/UX designs and are delivering far superior experiences.

A New Color Palette 

Keeping user-health and productivity in mind, AtClose exhibits a new palette of colors and contrasts. Backed by optic science, a more visually appealing experience for all users aims to lower stress and eye strain when spending long hours within the AtClose system.

A Simplified Navigation

With a total system as comprehensive as AtClose, quite often a user’s journey can become inconvenient and disruptive. The sheer number of features available can complicate the situation beyond ideal. Studies showed that AtClose users were on average clicking 5 times to get to a feature and complete a task. While some of this complexity is unavoidable, AtClose engineers were able to create a Simplified Navigation that can get most tasks completed in as little as 2 to 3 clicks. This increased ease of access should result in faster task completion and a more satisfied user experience.

An Upgraded Typography 

Continuing to refine the ease of use of the platform, we have modernized the fonts as well. Typography in UI/UX design is more than choosing a font. It can enhance the usability, readability, accessibility, and hierarchy within the interface. Our new typographic designs allow users to complete tasks faster with minimal errors in reading or processing.

Benefits of the New UI/UX to Title Companies

It is no secret that AtClose is on a mission to dominate the nationwide market. And to do so we know we must win the hearts and minds of our end users. Our progressive efforts to modernize our UI/UX is something our new users have reported to us that they just cannot get anywhere else. Other systems remain outdated, stuffy, and boring, while we wholeheartedly believe our upgrades serve the best interests of our users, their businesses, and their customers. 

If you’re a business leader looking for the next-generation digital mortgage, title, and escrow solutions that only AtClose can offer, sign up for a demo, and we will be happy to showcase AtClose and its latest UI/UX advancements.

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