Finally: A Solution to a Pressing Industry Problem

April 22, 2022


Everyone in the mortgage industry knows the evils of friction in the mortgage lending process. What has remained a pressing problem for the industry for decades now is isolating the causes of the friction and smoothing out our processes so that the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Making the problem more complex is the fact that originating a mortgage loan involves multiple external partners. Every new product or service required by the lender to originate has the potential to add more friction to the process. 

The same can be said for mortgage servicers who are navigating the default servicing process. 

As a full-service IT consulting and services company serving global brands for over 25 years, we wanted to take a closer look in the hope that we could find the source of the problem. We found it. 

The friction is in the order management process. APIs allow lenders to connect to anyone they want, but once that connection has been established, they must start sending data to each other, tracking what has been ordered and what has been received and when and by whom. 

Easier integrations between parties have not made our business simpler but rather more complex. 

In our new paper, we offer a candid exploration of the market’s current challenges and explain why friction in the order management process is still costing lenders too much time, money, and business. We’ll also give you the key to higher levels of customer satisfaction. It’s all about planning ahead and making sure that your organization is able to offer digitized experience to its customers.

EIN Presswire also featured the release of our whitepaper.

The new White Paper is available to be downloaded.

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