Vendor Management: Put Your Data & Our Technology to Work for You

By Atclose -

June 29, 2021


Here at AtClose, we provide solutions to easily connect with your vendors based on your needs.

Here is how our Vendor Management system works

When providing services in multiple geographic locations, you likely need hundreds of vendors at your fingertips. This often brings to mind quality, performance, and relationship management concerns. Thankfully, our system includes a robust vendor management module to help solve these concerns and more. From scorecards, reporting dashboards, and assignment decisions that can be configured to meet your needs, the system will do the rest for you. Based on your criteria, the module can be set up with your rules, your way.  Rules by product, location, price, quality, and service levels are all taken into consideration to route your orders in the most efficient manner possible with your desired results in mind.

Once the orders are assigned to a vendor and the vendor has accepted your order you can then reach the vendor directly in the portal to exchange comments, status updates, and add attachments as needed.

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What AtClose Provides in Vendor Management

  • Vendors such as abstractors, appraisers, attorneys, real estate agents, settlement agents, and mortgage recorders can be automatically assigned
  • Categorize vendors by location, product type, price, and other more
  • Performance scorecard reporting on demand
  • Perform vendor due diligence with ease
  • Vendor compliance includes but is not limited to insurance and required license expiration tracking
  • Repository for Contracts, W9, and background checks information, if required
  • Includes support for multiple vendor distribution models
  • Place controls on order and service levels for smooth, efficient, and error-free processing
  • Vendor self-service portal that allows new vendors to easily register online

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