Visionet Systems launches new product division and website for AtClose

April 2, 2021 – Visionet Systems Inc., a business technology solutions and services provider, launched a new product division and website of its flagship title, settlement & closing solution AtClose. AtClose is a cloud-based platform for lenders, closing agents, and service providers to facilitate title, appraisal, and settlement processing. Visit the new website for AtClose to learn more:

AtClose is a US-based technology company that has built its product to be the smartest solution for the ever-evolving real estate industry. It automates title, appraisal, settlement processes, and more. Designed as a one-stop-shop, it simplifies complicated operations with automated workflows. It also includes a robust vendor management tool and qualified direct integrations with principal lenders and vendors in both the pre- and post-closing ecosystems.

AtClose is carefully engineered to be highly scalable and secure. Hosted on the cloud, it delivers advanced analytics capabilities to effectively handle one million transactions per month.

The new website’s easy-to-navigate user interface allows visitors to learn about its integrations, vendor partnerships, licensing, and pricing options. It details how AtClose’s robust and comprehensive capabilities help the real estate industry save time and money by increasing accuracy, reducing repetition, and improving vendor relations. With seamless access to client success stories, potential AtClose users can see how an AtClose implementation can help them overcome the challenges of title document preparation, disparate IT environments, vendor management, and more.

“It is an exciting time to launch a new generation of products that are modern and scalable for the mortgage industry,” said Ashish Kumar, Executive VP at AtClose.

AtClose is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visionet Systems – a veteran in digital technology solutions and services with over 25 years of expertise and hundreds of years of combined industry experience. With a strong understanding of clients’ needs for customized solutions in this highly competitive lending business landscape, Visionet has developed AtClose as a comprehensive cloud-based settlement services platform that helps clients increase ROI and business efficiency while reducing risk and cost.

About Visionet

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