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An end-to-end Real Estate Title Software enabling title and settlement agents to work more efficiently, collaboratively, and securely. With its high level of customized workflows, modern UI, and automation, AtClose enables you to execute title and settlement operations with great speed. We solve problems that have long lingered in the Title and Settlement Industry. With aspects such as configurable workflows, a Cloud-based environment, multiple integrations, and real-time reporting, AtClose has got you covered completely.

Our Title & Settlement Ecosystem

Title and Settlement Ecosystem

Key Benefits of AtClose Real Estate Title Software

Cloud Based Software

A Cloud Based Title Software

A cloud-based title solution is the future of title production processes. With growing consumer demands on the horizon, title companies are facing issues due to a lack of high scalability. AtClose’s cloud solution enables title companies to expand their business while reducing the costs associated with it. It also allows collaboration efficiency that further improves communication between vendors involved.

Real Estate Title Software AtClose

Execute Multiple Integrations with Ease

As title companies work across numerous divisions, they require to interface with multiple vendor partners to keep up with the demanding refinancing transactions. For this, they must leverage a platform that executes multiple integrations with ease. AtClose provides a robust integration framework that allows title companies to easily connect with multiple partners. The system is also capable of accepting different data formats that increase its efficacy.

Real Estate Title Software AtClose

Vendor Management Framework

A large part of the title production process is geared towards managing multiple vendors. With a strong vendor management framework, AtClose ensures that title companies can rate vendors based on their performance and ensure seamless collaboration between parties.

Real Estate Title Software

Configurable Title Workflows

Title processes are tedious and involve managing multiple modes of work operations including title production, funding, and disbursement, post-closing, scheduling, and closing. AtClose is a Title Company Software that provides automated and configurable workflows that ensures your title production process is never halted. We do this by leveraging the power of automation.

Real Estate Title Software

A Robust UI/UX Environment

High-end technology can never be efficient if title agents are not able to use it easily. AtClose, Real Estate Title and Escrow solution provides a robust UI/UX environment that ensures title agent experiences can be seamless so that the best value can be achieved, and user adaptation can be facilitated.


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SVP Technology & Vendor Management, America’s Settlement Company : Deciding on a technology provider for your business is a tough decision, AtClose made it a simple one over 10 years ago. Knowledgeable staff providing reliable innovative solutions for our business and our customers’.

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