AtClose is a Title, Settlement, Appraisal, and Vendor Management platform created by the title and settlement industry experts at Visionet Systems, Inc.

Title companies play a vital role in loan origination by collaborating with lenders and third parties to obtain certificates and related settlement services products. But coordinating with closing agents, attorneys, appraisers, abstractors, real estate agents and county recorders means juggling documents, fees, dates, vendors, services, reports, statements and ancillary requests. To manage, title companies may use multiple platforms and disparate teams, creating multiple hand-offs and adding time and points of failure. The result can be missed deadlines and inconsistent quality.

AtClose is an innovative, comprehensive platform which streamlines workflow and automates tasks to ensure deadlines are met and quality is maintained. AtClose addresses pain points caused by manual processes and tracks status at each step. It is a dedicated platform with a single consolidated interface intended to automate all your title and settlement workflows.

AtClose features:

  • Automates order placing and tracking process
  • Categorizes vendors by location, product type, lender, etc.
  • Controls service and order level
  • Auto selects vendors like abstractors, appraisers, attorneys, etc. according to client rules
  • Reduces duplicate orders and tracks placed/received orders
  • Supports ancillary products
  • Underwriter Rate Management - Manages underwriter premiums and endorsement fees
  • Provides workflow solutions from uninsured products to electronic closings
  • Escrow Accounting Support – Disbursements, Positive Pay, Bank-Reconciliation
  • Calculates Fee Quotes Premium, taxes, etc.
  • Provides white-labeled product generation
  • Supports Post-Closing Management
  • Supports Multiple CD Formats
  • Generates short-form, long-form, and owner’s policies, including their relevant policy jackets
  • Supports multiple barcode formats
  • Supports AVM, BPO, Full Appraisal, Flood and 4506T Workflows
  • Template Management – Pre-built templates for fast workflow
  • Implements customized client order status notification
  • Creates reports at service level & order level, e.g. account payables and trial balance
  • Imports data from lender to prepare closing disclosures
  • Dedicated Production Support with quick turnaround time for enhancements/customization requests