6 Ways Title Companies Can Improve Title Production Workflows

February 3, 2023


Investing in a title production software might just be the key to all your problems.

As mortgage and title professionals, we all know how important it is to maintain relationships with each other. In fact, the entire home finance industry is on the consensus that loan origination and closing, is one of the most complicated aspects. The challenges range from complicated title workflows, reliance on manual procedures, longer closing cycles and uncertain mortgage market conditions. In times like these, companies must break the tradition of relying on things that worked in the past. The truth is that a lot has changed over the last few years and title companies must look towards the future by investing in a robust title production software.

Another key aspect that title companies must look into is to provide a premium client experience for their clients. This starts with leveraging automation and advanced AI/ML technologies that can change the outlook of your business through a title production software.

Here are 6 ways that title agencies can improve workflows for a better client experience with a title closing software.

1) Title Production Software Based on the Cloud

We’ve all heard the importance of Cloud technology and how it is the only way forward for companies to succeed. A title production software based on the Cloud offers paramount control to your workflow. It will allow your title operators to scale higher and accomplish more. Another advantage is the accessibility Cloud technology offers. Cloud technology allows your title software to seamlessly execute closing processes with a reduced timeframe as well. All these features are essential for providing a premium client experience.

2) Seamless Vendor Management

Title companies have to remain in-sync with multiple vendors at all times. A title production software allows title operators to have vendor due diligence and management with easily customizable workflows. Also, it is important that title companies should be able to rank vendors based on performance. For this title companies need a strong infrastructure as well as tightly knit security to ensure all compliance is met. Vendor management involves tackling multiple parties and always ensuring that they are on the right track. For a title software, it becomes essential that it is robust and provides title operators to remain intact with partners during the closing. This will naturally improve the overall experience for borrowers as well.

3) Intuitive UI/UX Title Production Software

In a world where consumer preferences are constantly changing, it becomes absolutely essential to ensure that your customers can enjoy the technology you’re offering. For this, your UI/UX must be easy to use and enjoyable. Consumers will not pay heed to software that is outdated or if it presents an outdated interface that lags. Also, you must ensure that your title software interface is in accordance to your business’s requirements.

4) Automating Workflows

There are multiple aspects to title production, these include title and settlement related elements, scheduling, closing, and funding & disbursement. Managing all these together can be an overwhelming task but with automation you can significantly improve your business’s performance. Automated workflows will also give you the advantage of reduced reliance on manual work. In turn, you’ll also be avoiding a lot of unnecessary human errors.

5) Integrate with Ease

If you’re in the title field you must also know that at various stages of the closing cycle you need to be integrated across vendors. Sometimes these integrations can be within multiple states as well. For this you need a title production software that offers easy and multiple integrations. The software must also have the capability of seamlessly accepting divergent data formats.

6) Empower Your Employees

Title businesses must also focus on empowering their employees so that they can work better and be more productive. The best way to do this is through a title production software that can significantly reduce many strenuous processes that often take days to accomplish.

AtClose – A Modern Tech-enabled Title Production Solution

The future for the title industry is geared towards modernization. It is time for you to be a part of it by investing in a title production solution. Whether you’re a large or a midsize title firm, AtClose’s flexible and robust title production solution can empower your title operators, so that a seamless client experience can be gained. Gain maximum productivity by covering all facets including eSignings, eRecordings, Title Search and Settlements with AtClose.

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