• The e-closing functionality is included in AtClose as a seamless, secure and fully compliant module
  • E-signatures simplify the closing process for lenders, settlement providers, and borrowers
  • Executed documents flow back into AtClose effortlessly, reducing the need for paper documents and giving parties additional time to review each loan package
  • AtClose is highly configurable, allowing agents to selectively enable e-closing for specific lenders or geographic areas to meet local recording requirements and individual lender or investor needs
  • AtClose gives settlement agents complete control over which documents will be pushed for e-signatures, and when they should be made available to the respective individuals
AtClose Fee Calculator

Fee Calculator

  • The Title Rate Calculator provides easy and real time fee quotes for Title Insurance
  • Supports transactions like Purchase, Refinance, Reverse mortgages and more
  • Supports all major nationwide Underwriters standard and special centralized rates
  • Uses insured amounts, geographic areas (state, county) and returns the premium, Endorsement rates, and any other configured fees
  • Quotes can be run through a user interface, rest API or a bulk import spreadsheet with hundreds of properties
  • AtClose has a special rate team that takes care of all the regular maintenance of rate changes

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