Revolution in Lien Release & Assignment Processing


VisiRelease suite offers an advanced technology solution in Lien Release, Recording & Assignment processing


Increased Efficiency

Streamlined operations adding flexibility & scalability


Faster Processing

Compliant, reliable & improved customer satisfaction


Lower Internal Labor Cost

Available at affordable cost & controls loss

Key Features

Lien Release Mortgage

Software Product

Key Components

  • Lien release & assignment processing
  • Borrower letters
  • Check generation
  • E-Recording
  • E-Signing & E-Notary
  • Collateral tracking
  • Customer information portal
  • All BPO services in one place                     

Technology Enablers

  • Adaptable templates for all US recording offices
  • Flexible rule engine to support state or client business rules
  • Task-dependent workflow rules, templates, interfaces seamlessly operating together, controlled through a queue management environment
  • Exception management tools


  • Real-time reporting – Executive dashboard for lien release
  • Flexible pricing & support program
  • Lower out-of-compliance ratio
  • Stepwise tracking & control of entire lien release process
  • Rule-based workflow for client-specific drivers
  • Scalable, tailored & reliable


VisiRelease Distinguishing

Features Overview

OCR Technologies

Automated data extraction without human intervention to drive document production

Scorecard Reporting at the Touch of a Button

Reporting designed to support scorecards with no manual intervention


Reduce Shared Services costs by letting us host the tool

Interactive Client Portal

Full transparency, ability to drive workflow & manage exceptions in our interactive Client Portal

Flexible Rule Engine

Process updates or regulatory changes can be incorporated in minutes

BPO Services

Utilize our expertise for your entire process, leverage our cost-efficient hybrid Onshore/Offshore model

BCP Planning

Can provide a low-cost in-house solution as a back-up to your existing vendor to meet regulatory requirements


We can build your automated solution for all your unique operational idiosyncrasies


Exploring Cost Saving Opportunities for Mortgage Services

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Success Story

  • A Top leading bank with $13 Bn Mortgage loan production in Florida needed more trained resource expertise to manage increasing payoff volume
  • VisiRelease advanced technology suite helped them with Lien release preparation, Assignment processing & Recording
  • Client benefits from our outsourcing solution to increase efficiencies, 30% lower internal labor costs & high level of customer satisfaction
  • Flexible, scalable, customizable, reliable, affordable and compliant with regulatory guidelines

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Key Features

Lien Release Mortgage

Software Product

Visi Release Revolution in Residential Mortgage Lien Release, Assignment Processing & Recording




Exploring Cost-Saving Opportunities in Lien Release Processing




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