Revolution in Lien Release & Assignment Processing


VisiRelease suite offers an advanced technology solution in Lien Release, Recording & Assignment processing


Increased Efficiency

Streamlined operations adding flexibility & scalability


Faster Processing

Compliant, reliable & improved customer satisfaction


Lower Internal Labor Cost

Available at affordable cost & controls loss

Key Features

Lien Release Mortgage

Software Product

Key Components

  • Lien release & assignment processing
  • Borrower letters
  • Check generation
  • E-Recording
  • E-Signing & E-Notary
  • Collateral tracking
  • Customer information portal
  • All BPO services in one place

Technology Enablers

  • Adaptable templates for all US recording offices
  • Flexible rule engine to support state or client business rules
  • Task-dependent workflow rules, templates, interfaces seamlessly operating together, controlled through a queue management environment
  • Exception management tools


  • Real-time reporting – Executive dashboard for lien release
  • Flexible pricing & support program
  • Lower out-of-compliance ratio
  • Stepwise tracking & control of entire lien release process
  • Rule-based workflow for client-specific drivers
  • Scalable, tailored & reliable


VisiRelease Distinguishing

Features Overview

OCR Technologies

Automated data extraction without human intervention to drive document production

Scorecard Reporting at the Touch of a Button

Reporting designed to support scorecards with no manual intervention