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By implementing AtClose, many businesses in the Title & Settlement industry have significantly improved their bottom line. AtClose real estate closing software includes conveniently pre-configured data for the nation’s top underwriters, which expedites document preparation.

With its high level of customizability, our suite of solutions adapts to the specific operational processes of your business, significantly reducing closing time. This combination of value, ease of use, adaptability, and performance makes AtClose an ideal choice for Title & Settlement businesses of any size.

Title and Closing AtClose

Title & Closing

  • Place and track orders and upload the completed title product automatically
  • Use client rules to automatically select vendors, including abstractors, closers, surveyors, and attorneys
  • Secure document delivery and communication tracking to all parties
  • Track all placed and received orders and reduce duplicate orders
  • Provide workflow solutions from uninsured products to electronic closings
  • Generate quotes for premiums, taxes, recording fees, and more
  • Simplify post-closing audit management
  • Send customized client order status notifications
  • Supports multiple formats including CD, Settlement Statements, and HUDs
  • Supports multiple barcode formats

Accounting & Reconciliation

  • LoanDisbursement
  • Rynoh Live
  • Reporting
  • Group Disbursements
  • Third-Party Software
  • Positive Pay
  • 3-way Reconciliation
Vendor Management AtClose

Vendor Management

  • Automatically select vendors, including abstractors, appraisers, attorneys, real estate agents, settlement agents, and mortgage recorders
  • Categorize vendors by location, product type, lender, and other criteria
  • Perform vendor due diligence with ease
  • Vendor compliance includes configurable tracking of background checks, insurance, and license expiry
  • Rank vendors automatically or manually
  • Includes support for multiple vendor distribution models
  • Vendor self-service portal allows new vendors to sign up online
  • Place controls on order and service levels for smooth, efficient, and error- free processing

Other Features

  • Shorten your mortgage cycle, improve data accuracy, and control costs
  • Web-based application – no software deployment required for end users
  • UCD MISMO Closing Disclosure data import management – Import data from lenders for closing disclosure preparation
  • Pre-built workflow templates for easy, streamlined operations
  • Create service-level or order-level reports for accounts payable, trial balance reports, etc. using custom reporting framework
  • Process and task-driven – provides insight into your actual costs and the productivity of each employee
  • Complete visibility into each user’s current workload
  • Dashboard reporting for customers, vendors, and employees
  • Customizable, role-based user interfaces
  • Includes support for multiple companies and service centers

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