AtClose Exchange – The Benefits for Your Lending Operations

By Atclose -

October 7, 2021


AtClose provides a centralized lender’s portal to gain full control over your lending operations. The lending portal has the following features:

  • Placing Order Requests:

The lending portal allows customers to place orders and view the status of each. Lenders are notified as soon as an order request has been made and they can log into their portal and accept or reject an order request. Customers can keep in track with a lender’s action as well, as the portal provides real-time updates for customers. This can come in handy for lenders as it can speed up the process and steps needed to get the closing process started.

  • Uploading & Downloading of Documents:

Lenders can upload and download documents with ease through the portal. For example, if a vendor uploads a document, the portal will notify the lender of the event and he can simply download it. Document sharing and editing is taken to the next level with AtClose as it makes the entire process efficient.

  • Web-Based:

AtClose is a web-based software which makes it easily accessible from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can access your lending portal by logging in through your credentials from your browser.  

  • Vendor Portal:

Vendor portal allows lenders to effectively collaborate with vendors during the lending process. Be it uploading of documents or ranking vendors based on their performance, the vendor portal is a great feature that allows third-party vendor integrations with ease.

  • Admin Portal:

Lenders also have the option for an admin portal. An admin portal allows lenders to have an administrator who can deal with issues and proceedings involved in the lending process.

Cloud-Based (AWS)

Cloud Computing has been in existence for decades but its implementation in the mortgage lending sphere is recent. Visionet realizes the importance of cloud computing and how in industries such as mortgage lending, dealing with data becomes a lot easier with the power of cloud. Hence, AtClose as a closing software is developed on AWS Cloud in order to achieve the following advantages:

  • AtClose Improves Collaboration:

Cloud-based software has the ability to provide collaborations that are easy to process and effective to carry out. AtClose provides exactly this – a sublime platform to carry out collaboration between multiple parties involved in the closing process. Data sharing, instant communication and effective integrations are carried out by AtClose through AWS Cloud. 

  • AtClose is Highly Scalable:

AtClose is a cloud-based application which makes it highly scalable. It can be relied upon to work in optimal conditions regardless of the number of users and the processes being carried out. Cloud-based solutions, in general, are highly adaptable and can be customized according to customer needs. 

  • AtClose is Data-Driven:

AtClose is built on an open architecture system design and is driven on the open data concept. It allows lenders to gain crucial insights through data and predict future trends. In fact, a data-driven approach can be adopted by lenders when they are working with vendors to make better decisions. Moreover, the data can be used in a wide range of ways in the form of reports through which exclusive insights can be obtained.

AtClose – A Step Ahead

AtClose is the next generation of digital mortgage, title and escrow solutions which enables faster closings and data driven insights for better communication and shorter cycle time for both mortgage lending and title industries.

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