Consolidated Support for Multiple Companies in a Single AtClose Application Interface

Consolidated Support for Multiple Companies in a Single AtClose Application Interface

A leading title insurance and settlement services provider.

The growth of our client, a large title insurance company in the United States, involved the acquisition of several companies, which resulted in a highly disparate IT environment. More than one title and escrow systems were in use, and each system ran on a different platform. Some stand-alone applications were also in use by a large number of users.

Managing multiple, disparate software systems posed a major challenge. Supporting and coordinating across these systems was expensive and time-consuming. Our client discovered that adapting their IT infrastructure to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industry had become a daunting task.

AtClose Solution
To address these challenges, our client implemented AtClose, a state-of-the art, web-based system for Title and Settlement services. One of the unique features that sets this solution apart facilitates centralized management for multiple companies, running as a single application instance. Implementing AtClose allowed our client to conveniently administer each of its acquired companies through a single, consolidated interface, while exercising complete control over them using the solution’s comprehensive set of features.

Nearly immediately, our client experienced a marked increase in productivity, thanks to the AtClose suite’s out-of-the-box support for integration with Black Knights Exchange, FedEx, UPS, ValuTrust, AgentNet for CPL, and eJackets. The suite’s cutting-edge Vendor Management and Underwriter Rate Management modules gave users powerful tools for more effective process and revenue management across all of its companies.

By providing a highly cost-effective solution that simplified and consolidated the management of multiple companies, AtClose improved our client’s ability to adapt more rapidly to changes in the highly challenging Title and Settlement industry. Through its use of advanced workflow-based technology and a highly scalable application architecture, AtClose replaced their disparate collection of information management tools with a single, integrated system for managing critical information across all of their companies.